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AC Repair Company in Cincinnati

Reliable air conditioning will keep you cool all summer, control humidity, and maintain good indoor air quality. Ensuring your AC is in peak shape is an ongoing process. Wingate Heating, Air, Plumbing & Roofing has provided AC repair in Cincinnati since 1968 and continues to provide our neighbors with high-quality service, the best products, and custom-tailored solutions by highly trained, NATE-certified technicians.

An EPA-certified company, Wingate is current with the latest industry standards. We are highly efficient yet are known for our precision and attention to detail. When you need air conditioning repair in Cincinnati, you can trust us for:

  • High-quality parts and equipment
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Effective communication
  • Punctual and efficient technicians
  • Successful, lasting results

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Our experienced technicians can take on any AC issue they find in a Hamilton County home. Some of the more common problems we see and fix include:

  • Insufficient Cooling or Uneven Temperatures: If your AC is blowing warm air or not cooling your home evenly, possible reasons include a dirty filter, duct blockage, low refrigerant level, or overheated compressor.
  • Frequent Cycling On and Off: This is called short cycling, which can damage the compressor. It can be caused by a clogged filter, an improperly set thermostat, or an oversized air conditioner.
  • Airflow Issues and Poor Ventilation: A blower fan or a ductwork issue can restrict airflow and limit the amount of ventilation available for your AC to do its job. It also increases the risk of needing air conditioner repair in Cincinnati.
  • Strange Noises or Odors: Loud squealing sounds usually come from a worn belt, while grinding often originates from bad motor bearings. If your AC is noisier than normal, vibrating, or smells musty or like it’s burning, call for help right away.
  • High Energy Bills: A spike in your electric bill can mean your AC is strained and overworking. Our technicians will find the reason your air conditioner is struggling.

If you experience any of these issues, call Wingate for an expert diagnosis. We will provide a custom solution that fixes the problem at its source.

Our AC Repair Services

You can trust Wingate for the highest-quality AC repair in Cincinnati. Here’s a glimpse at some of our capabilities:

  • Comprehensive AC System Inspection
  • Timely and Efficient Troubleshooting
  • Professional AC Repair Techniques
  • Replacement of Faulty Components
  • Expertise in All Major AC Brands and Models
  • Emergency AC Repair Services

An established company, we have the expertise and resources to quickly diagnose the problem and complete a repair. Wingate works with customers throughout Cincinnati and parts of Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana to find customized solutions. Our technicians explain the problem in detail and answer all your questions. You’ll receive a detailed cost estimate for the repair to review and approve before we get started.

Benefits of Professional AC Repair

By relying on a qualified and established professional in the industry, you can experience many benefits. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured to provide AC repair in Cincinnati. Equipped with all the tools and parts needed to diagnose and repair any issue, our technicians will advise you to help make the right decisions. You can also expect other benefits, such as:

  • Timely and Accurate Diagnostics
  • Expert Repair Techniques
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency
  • Extended Lifespan of the AC System
  • Peace of Mind and Comfort
  • Regular Maintenance Plans for Long-Term Performance

Questions About Air Conditioning Repair

How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

The cost of repair depends on the type, size, and scope of the problem. A small AC repair such as replacing a capacitor, unclogging a drain line, or fixing a blower motor costs less than repairing a refrigerant line or replacing a compressor. How long a repair takes is also a factor, as you’ll also pay for labor.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Fix an AC Unit?

Small repairs may take just a few hours. If resolving an issue requires just unclogging a drain line or cleaning debris, it may take under an hour. But a repair that involves disassembling components or waiting for parts to arrive can take days or weeks.

Should I Repair My AC or Replace It?

If your AC is just a few years old and needs its first repair, fixing it can add years to its life. A unit that’s 10 to 15 years old can be repaired. However, replacement may be suggested if a repair costs more than half the price of a new unit, you’ve had several repairs recently, or your energy bills are going up.

Why Choose Wingate for AC Repair in Cincinnati

Since 1968, we’ve paved the way in local HVAC and plumbing services. A long-term presence and being family-owned separate us from most of our competitors. Committed to customer satisfaction, we employ licensed and certified technicians who arrive fully uniformed and will work with you to meet your needs. They’re always prompt and prepared to provide reliable service to ensure any AC issue is resolved.

With every service call, we guarantee competitive pricing. Our team thoroughly and accurately assesses the issue. You’ll then receive a transparent quote that accounts for all materials, parts, and fees so there are no surprises.

Importance of Regular AC System Maintenance

We strongly believe in helping you avoid or reduce the need for air conditioning repair in Cincinnati. Preventative maintenance helps your AC run more efficiently, avoids major repairs, and can help your HVAC equipment last longer. Therefore, it results in long-term savings. Some of the most effective types of maintenance include:

  • Scheduled Tune-Ups and Inspections: A spring tune-up and inspection ensure your AC is ready for summer and can resolve issues that increase wear and the risk of a breakdown. The process includes checking connections, lubricating moving parts, and testing refrigerant levels (and providing a recharge if necessary).
  • Air Filter Replacement and Cleaning: A fresh air filter captures dust and small particles. It allows optimal airflow so your AC can work at maximum cooling capacity. Otherwise, frozen coils, jammed motors, and AC breakdowns can occur.
  • Coil and Condenser Cleaning: Cleaning the condenser coil ensures heat can be released outside and the AC can cool your home efficiently. Clearing debris from inside and around the condenser unit also helps avoid problems.

Wingate offers preventative maintenance programs that include complete tune-ups by certified technicians. Our monthly Wingate Home Protection Plan includes two seasonal HVAC system checkups, priority service, a 2-year parts and labor warranty, and a discount on repairs. We also waive overtime costs (including weekends and holidays) for members.

Contact Us for Professional AC Repair in Cincinnati

Request an AC Repair TodayA locally owned and operated company, Wingate provides personalized AC repair services. Our rates are reasonable and competitive. Financing options also help keep our services accessible to customers in the Greater Cincinnati area. If you require AC repair or need help with installation or maintenance, feel free to request a service appointment online. Or, call (513) 322-1319 to receive prompt air conditioning repair in Cincinnati.


We’ve Pulled Away From the Competition

I first used Wingate to help us with our cooling system installed by another company. They were knowledgeable and the service was quick. We saw they also did roofing so we asked for an estimate. Aaron did the estimate that week and thought we might be able to get insurance to cover our very old roof. Aaron worked with our insurance company and to my surprise, we were able to get most of the work covered. Wingate installed our beautiful new roof, gutters and gutter guards, and we are very happy with the work. They found rotted boards and some other hiccups along the way and again, Aaron worked with the insurance company to get it covered. The work was completed in a timely manner and we were very satisfied from estimate through clean-up of the job. I didn't like the way one of the down spouts had been set to drain and they were out the next week to fix it to the way I wanted it. I could not recommend this company more highly.
wendy lackey
wendy lackey
23:28 12 Jul 24
I got numerous quotes on the price of a new cooling system and Wingate was very fair. Aaron was extremely knowledgeable on what I would need and the crew he sent out to do the installation were very polite and professional. I’m very happy that I chose Wingate and would recommend them to anyone
Gary Dugan
Gary Dugan
20:43 08 Jul 24
Ty H. Came out today to address a cooling issue on our very old system. He did an excellent job explaining what was going on and what types of repairs we would be looking at. With the amount of repairs we are looking at, and the remaining life expectancy of our system, we decided to get a quote for a replacement system and he got us scheduled for an estimate on Monday. Ty was friendly and courteous throughout the appointment and did a great job representing Wingate!
Rebecca Wright
Rebecca Wright
17:31 29 Jun 24
Don’t compromise your plumbing with calling the other guy!!! Call Wingate to ensure you get the best service. Nothing a Friday afternoon when second shift arrives to find out we have no water pressure as the pump has failed. We scramble to locate a pump, Wingate dispatched a technician out, upon arriving they advised 1 of 2 options. 1. Replace the pump which will cost x or let’s start with the pressure switch and save you money. With in 30 minutes, pump back running and saved me money!!!Thank you team Wingate once again for the awesome job and customer service.Croswell Bus Line
John Croswell
John Croswell
22:42 28 Jun 24
Austin referred us to Wingate after our A/C stopped working hours before we had a wedding and the day before we left for vacation. Ty, our technician, was out here within a few hours, very patient and explained everything. Ty fixed it quickly and we ended up making it to the wedding in time & still was able to get things together for vacation. Chris was so helpful in everything he did for us & I have no words on how to thank him. Truly an exceptional guy and really takes care of his clients. We very much appreciate everything they did to help us out & could not recommend them enough!!
Alex Baumann
Alex Baumann
17:21 25 Jun 24
I was so happy with my experience with Wingate and will definitely use them again. I had an issue with a pipe that was not draining correctly for my tub. Scheduling the appointment was very easy, and the workers, Jeff and Salem, were so helpful. They explained everything wonderfully, and did the work perfectly, efficiently, and made sure was cleaned up after. Thank you for giving me a good functioning tub again!
Cheryl Baker
Cheryl Baker
18:15 19 Jun 24
Found a leak in our roof and called Wingate. Aaron quickly looked at our roof and provided an estimate and was willing to work with our insurance to handle all of the back-and-forth with them.The Wingate team was professional throughout the process and ensured the place was clean before they left. Just what you want as a homeowner.....good service and hassle-free. I highly recommend Aaron and Wingate.
Matt D
Matt D
11:14 07 Jun 24
Matt A from Wingate came to my home to conduct a free inspection due to my roof leaking. Matt came over immediately, inspected the interior and exterior and assisted me in getting my insurance involved. Matt met the adjuster on site and represented me throughout the entire process. Matt worked directly with insurance to ensure proper coverage, and even ensured all code requirements were met. On the day of install, Matt was on site managing the job, and even got my entire house new decking and also worked with my insurance to get that covered. Matt was prompt on any questions I had and was available any time I needed him. After the install was complete, Matt did a quality check of the entire job site to make sure everything was cleaned up and every nail was cleaned up. Highly recommend Matt and this company for a 5 star experience!
Justin Schaefer
Justin Schaefer
19:53 06 Jun 24
Our Service Technician, Robby Dolph, was very thorough and knowledgeable. He diagnosed and explained to us the problem with our air conditioning system. Robby summoned a Field Supervisor, Aaron, who explained to my wife and I our options in a manner which made us feel confident we called the right company. An installation team was summoned at our request. Whenever we contract with any company to do work at our home, the first thing I look for is whether or not they sent over a bunch of hoodlums. Wingate sent out an install team, Isaac and Seth, who I determined to be fine, competent, and conscientious men. The sort of people we felt confident would do the job properly. Isaac and Seth fixed us up same day and our home feels great. I will recommend Wingate Heating and Cooling to all our family and friends.
Paul Fangman
Paul Fangman
22:17 05 Jun 24
After I found a leak in my garage, Wingate sent Mark out to do an inspection. He found the leak and some other storm damage, he was very helpful with the entire process, excellent communication, answered any questions that I had. My roof was was done on schedule with no problems. The crew working was great, everything around my house was protected, and the clean up after was great. Mark walked around after they were done and made sure everything was in place, no damage was done and all of the nails were out of the yard. I am very pleased with the whole process.
Lauren schwegler
Lauren schwegler
12:32 01 Jun 24


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