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Your roof protects against water, wind, and debris and helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. It’s also the most vulnerable part of your home to the elements. Customers throughout the Cincinnati area can rely on Wingate Heating, Air, Plumbing & Roofing to provide comprehensive roof inspections. Our technicians are trained to look for common problems and determine if any repairs are needed. By scheduling a residential or commercial roof inspection, you can protect your property, avoid costly damage, and extend the lifespan of your roof.

How Do I Know I Need a Roof Inspection?

You might schedule a professional roof inspection if you plan to buy a home. It’s important to assess the full condition of any property you invest in. Or, you may consider inspecting your roof if:

  • Your Attic Is Leaking: Stains or mold can indicate your attic is exposed to outside air due to a damaged roof.
  • Paint on the Roofline Is Peeling: Peeling paint is a sign humidity is building up in underlying materials.
  • Damaged/Missing Shingles: If shingles are old, worn, or missing, your roof may have structural integrity issues.
  • Damaged Shingle Nails: If the nails on the shingles pop up, leaks can occur. Rusted nails or stains around them can also indicate a problem. 
  • Problems with Interior Drywall: Cracked or discolored drywall can be a sign of a leaking roof.
  • Damaged/Missing Flashing: If roof flashing is rusted, worn, or missing, your roof may not be watertight.
  • After a Big Storm: Heavy rain, hail, snow, ice, and high winds can cause roof damage, even if it’s not immediately obvious.

What Does a Roof Inspection Include?

Wingate specializes in a range of roof services, including comprehensive roof inspections. Our trained experts thoroughly assess your roof using advanced tools and techniques. These let us find subtle signs of damage or wear and tear. During the process, we’ll check shingles, flashing, gutters, fascia, cladding, soffits, and for evidence of damaged trusses, joists, or wall studs.

The primary concerns we look for include leaks, damage to roofing materials, and structural issues. If necessary, we’ll complete any necessary repairs, whether it requires:

  • Replacing missing or damaged shingles
  • Replacing damaged, loose, or missing tiles
  • Repairing cracked or rusty flashing
  • Sealing and repairing roof leaks
  • Fixing any damage to the roof fascia
  • Resolving roof ventilation issues
  • Replacing damaged rubber boots around vents
  • Draining standing water
  • Cleaning/repairing gutters
  • Checking for moss, lichen, and other signs of decay

What Are the Benefits of a Roof Inspection?

Early detection is one of the greatest benefits of a roof inspection. Missing shingles or minor water damage can escalate to water penetration, which can cause damage to interior walls and supporting elements. Water can also lead to mold that diminishes indoor air quality and can create health hazards. Replacing a roof can cost you over $12,000, but an inspection can help find issues to fix before you spend that much.

Air leakage or holes in the roof can reduce indoor comfort. These issues can cause cold air to get in or escape from your home, leaving it too chilly or warm. Moisture and humidity problems can also result. Your HVAC system will need to work harder to compensate. This can lead to energy efficiency issues that increase your electric bills. Therefore, roof inspections can save you on many fronts, from fewer repairs to lower bills to avoiding premature roof replacement.


What Time of Year Should I Schedule a Roof Inspection?

The spring and fall months are the best times to have your roof inspected. An inspection can determine if your roof will hold up in harsh conditions and allows a contractor to make small repairs to protect your home.

What Is the Cost of a Roof Inspection?

According to Forbes, a roof inspection in the U.S. averages $220.1 But the actual cost varies depending on the type of inspection, the technologies used, the size of your roof, and its slope and accessibility.

How Long Does a Roof Last?

The life expectancy of a roof depends on the type of material, its quality, and its durability.  A tar and gravel roof can last 10 to 20 years, while asphalt shingles last 15 to 20 years. A highly durable, well-maintained metal, composite shingle, or concrete, slate, or clay tile roof can last 50+ years.

Why Choose Wingate for Roof Inspections

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we’re committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Our inspection team is certified and highly qualified in their field. Each inspector is friendly and professional, will address all your concerns, and answer any questions you have. They are also prompt and show up on time. And you’ll receive a detailed explanation of the work to be done no matter the scope of the job.

Request a Roof Inspection Today

Regular inspections will ensure your roof is safe and functional. Don’t risk costly repairs due to roof leaks, storm damage, or wear and tear. A residential or commercial roof inspection will avoid long-term strains on your budget. With Wingate, it’s easy to schedule an inspection. To get started, give us a call at 513-216-5699 today.


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Wingate is a very customer service driven company. My husband and I are beyond satisfied with our decision to have Wingate install our new HVAC system 18 months ago and the service we have had since the system was installed. Thank you Wingate.
Brenda Bertsch
Brenda Bertsch
18:34 06 Dec 23
Wingate Roofing is A+ from start to finish they explained everything is easy to understand language and made sure i was happy with each piece. Scheduling was a breeze and installation was great - all finished in one day. They cleaned up very well, with a second trip out to ensure that all the nails and debris were picked up. All things considered, I wouldn't trust any other company to do my roof.
Bryan Calardo
Bryan Calardo
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The Wingate team is an excellent company for all your heating, cooling, plumbing and roofing needs! Their quality of work and level of professionalism is to be admired!Chris wingate and his team were extremely helpful in the replacement of my outdated oil furnace and ac unit. I will always recommend wingate and will be a long time customer!
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Austin Reinert
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From Bruce & Patty Hoffbauer:Chris Wingate & his employees did an outstanding job installing my new HVAC system. They were very thorough with their inspection of the system and they took their time explaining every option. Not only did they do a professional job installing the system, they had many follow up discussions to ensure we were completely satisfied. They left my house as clean as they found it and they were completely finished in one day. I would highly recommend Chris Wingate & his team if you have any Heating or Cooling issues. The Wingate company also installed an HVAC systems in my son’s house recently. A shout out to the Service Technicians Aaron Wingate & Alex Miller, the Installers Justin & Aiden, & Sales Manager Aaron Faughn. I even received a text message from the owner Chris Wingate with his personal cell number if I had any questions. A great customer friendly business.
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Katelyn Hoffbauer
15:46 20 Oct 23
Called yesterday because our hot water heater was out. Adam came within a couple hours and gave us an estimate. They came this morning and installed new heater. Both Adam and Seth were very professional and courteous. Work was completed in timely manner.
Juanita Francis
Juanita Francis
17:22 18 Oct 23
I'm very happy with the job that Wingate did on our roof and gutters. Matt was very knowledgeable and helpful working with our insurance company. The crew was skilled and did a great job. I would highly recommend them.
Bill Zeilman
Bill Zeilman
14:27 07 Oct 23
Alex Miller did an excellent job diagnosing the repair required for my residential A/C Unit! Not only was he efficient about the repair but he was also very personable! Excellent Wingate employee! Highly recommended!
Doug Blevins
Doug Blevins
22:06 02 Oct 23
We have used Wingate for our HVAC and plumbing. When you call, you get friendly service. The technicians call before coming out, they are on time, and so professional. They explain everything they are doing and are so friendly. I have never felt talked down to or pressured into a service. We will continue to use Wingate when issues arise and highly recommend to anyone needing service
Sarah Mitsui
Sarah Mitsui
14:04 08 Aug 23
Matt Eiting was very helpful and knowledgeable through the entire process of selecting shingles to scheduling our new roof installation. The crew did a seamless job with attention to detail and cleanup. It was nice to have folks that were professionals to work with and made our customer experience painless. I highly recommend Wingate and will use them again in the future!! Thanks.
Michelle King
Michelle King
17:39 03 Aug 23
I gotta say I’m very happy with my new roof install by Wingate. Matthew was very helpful in our decision making on what best suited our needs. He made it manageable dealing with insurance and making sure he was keeping our best interest in mind while doing so. His crew did a wonderful job and the roof was a one day install which was very nice!
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