Heating Repair Services in Dayton, OH

Wingate Heating, Air, Plumbing & Roofing is a leading home services company in Dayton, OH. Our technicians are trained and experienced in every type of heating repair. Fully licensed and NATE-certified, they can fix any make or model of furnace or heat pump. 

When your heating system malfunctions, it can affect your comfort and risk your family’s safety. You can call us in an emergency, and we’ll send a crew to your home anywhere in Dayton. They arrive in trucks with all the tools, parts, and equipment needed to troubleshoot, inspect the unit, and perform necessary repairs.

Signs You Need Heating System Repair

A complete heater breakdown is certainly a reason to call for help. Winter in Dayton, OH, can be extremely cold, so being without heat can be dangerous. However, other signs may indicate you have a heating emergency or need a technician to check it out ASAP. The most common symptoms you need a heating repair include:

  • Little or No Heat: If the air temperature isn’t as warm as it should be, cold air is blowing from the vents, or temperatures fluctuate wildly, it’s time to call a heating repair company. Also, call if it takes longer to warm up inside.
  • Weak Airflow: A heating system that blows less air may need a dirty filter replaced or dust/debris cleaned from internal components. Or, a worn motor or other component may need to be replaced. 
  • Short Cycling: When your furnace or heat pump turns on and off more frequently, it’s usually a sign of a problem or that it’s not properly sized for your home.
  • Loud Noises: Call us if you hear banging, rattling, rumbling, squealing, buzzing, humming, grinding, or whistling sounds from your heater; it is in urgent need of repair.
  • Foul Odors: Strange odors can mean something is burning inside the unit or it is contaminated with dirt. A rotten egg odor signals a gas leak, which is an extremely dangerous situation. Evacuate your home and call for help.
  • The Thermostat Malfunctions: If your home won’t reach the right temperature no matter how many times you set the thermostat, or the heater won’t respond, the control unit or its wiring may need to be fixed.
  • Higher Energy Bills: If an increase in electricity or fuel rates can’t account for a spike in your energy bill, your heating system may be compensating for an issue by using more energy to heat your home.
  • The Furnace Is Leaking: A water leak from your heating system can mean the condensate drainage line is clogged or the condensation pump is broken.
  • The Carbon Monoxide Alarm Goes Off: Carbon monoxide has no color or smell, yet can be deadly. If the alarm goes off, leave your home and call for help; your furnace is likely malfunctioning or damaged.

Wingate’s Heating Repair Team Fixes It Right the First Time

Our highly skilled, professional, and reliable heating technicians are extremely accurate and efficient. They use the latest diagnostic tools to quickly determine the source of an issue and potential solutions. You’ll receive a full explanation of the problem and your options. Our contractors are also up-to-date on the latest heating equipment, replacement parts, and repair methods, plus follow all relevant safety guidelines. No matter how big or small the problem, they’ll find a customized solution and recommend a high-efficiency upgrade if your heater must be replaced.

Benefits of Prompt Heating Repair

Heating problems can crop up slowly. The sooner you call for heating repair, the better. Prompt service comes with many benefits, including:

  • Improved Comfort: Prompt repairs avoid dealing with a steady decline in comfort and hoping your heater turns the corner itself.
  • Increased Efficiency: Fixing your heater resolves the problem so it runs more smoothly, thereby decreasing the amount of energy it uses during each heating cycle
  • Reduced Long-Term Costs: You can save on energy bills and additional repairs if your furnace or heat pump is fixed promptly, preventing additional damage.
  • Longer Lifespan: When your heater works at peak performance for longer periods, fewer components are strained, making early replacement less likely.
  • Increased Safety: Prompt heating repairs make your living environment safer and avoid hazards such as home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Call for Furnace or Heat Pump Repair in Dayton, OH

Whether your heater won’t turn or blows cold air, short cycles, leaks, or releases odors, Wingate responds quickly. Our professionals use the highest-quality materials and most effective techniques to get the job done right. They can fix any problem and restore your comfort and safety. You can also save by joining our home maintenance plan or taking advantage of financing. To learn more or request an immediate heating repair in your Dayton home, call (513) 848-4249.


We’ve Pulled Away From the Competition

Following a storm that impacted neighbors we thought it best to have our roof inspected and contacted Wingate. Matt Alexander came to our home and did find damage. We contacted our insurance company who confirmed the damage that Matt found. Matt was very helpful throughout the entire process with the insurance company. Once we had the OK from the insurance company Matt helped us through the process of selecting materials and assisted with interaction of the scheduling through Wingate. Emily from Wingate along with Matt are were great communicators. Both are responsive to our calls and give us answers to questions. On the day prior to the scheduled install, Matt set up protective netting around the house. On the day of install additional ground covering around the house was installed by the crew. Matt was on-site throughout the day during the install and interacted with the crew. After install, prior to the crew leaving, Matt reviewed the project, removed the protective netting he installed and the hard working install crew cleaned up the yard and removed their ground covering. The next day, Matt came back to pick up some left over materials, checked out the install from the ground and the roof top. Emily sent us the warranty information and took care of filing the paperwork with our insurance company. Our thanks to everyone involved.
Harry Teetz
Harry Teetz
21:53 23 Feb 24
Adam was very personable and professional. He took the time to explain everything and was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable. The job was done tight! All my service people from Wingate have been first rate.
Anne Huddleston
Anne Huddleston
21:05 20 Feb 24
Robbie came out and got my system working amazingly. He explained everything to me in a way that I could understand, he offered maintenance services (without being pushy) and let me decide on which plan worked best for me. Excellent experience; highly recommend.
Randy Proctor
Randy Proctor
23:35 17 Feb 24
Wingate’s office staff is polite, very friendly & easy to work with. Any tech that has been to my home has been very thorough. I don’t feel like I have stand right next to the tech during any service call & I trust what they diagnose.100% recommend Wingate!
Marcy Titgemeyer
Marcy Titgemeyer
15:14 26 Jan 24
Woke up today with no hot water. Finally time to replace our 25-yr old water heater. Wingate Plumbing sent out a skilled technician this afternoon who was able to replace our water heater the same day. I really appreciate the quick turnaround time! Great service!This is the 2nd time our family has used them to replace a water heater. I highly recommend Wingate plumbing!
Linda Durbin
Linda Durbin
00:40 25 Jan 24
I highly recommend Wingate. We had been having issues with our Furnace for a while and the guys we kept calling each time the issue occurred was unable to tell us what was wrong. My husband called this company, Wingate and things changed. They came over to inspect the furnace and Robby did a thorough inspection. He was able to tell me things that needed to be repaired and things where maintenance work was needed. After looking at my options for repairs and maintenance, I decided a new furnace was needed. We then met with Aaron to discuss specifics. Aaron was extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Once we decided on specifics we had an appt to install within less than a week. The guys were very good at communicating when they would arrive and they were on time. The install should have taken a couple of hours but they were done in 2 hours. We were so satisfied with the service provided we signed up for their membership. We have since had a pluming inspection and a roofing inspection. Each time we have had excellent service with very knowledge and professional people.
Nadia Prather
Nadia Prather
05:04 23 Jan 24
I am extremely impressed with the service I received from Wingate Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Technician Ty Hendricks was dispatched to resolve my furnace issue on one of the coldest days we have had this season. He was extraordinarily pleasant and professional. I received a call from the Wingate office within minutes of requesting a quote via Angie's List to set my appointment time. It was a great relief to be assured that a tech would be sent that very day. A text message came through with a picture of Ty and I received a voicemail message from the technician advising me of his ETA. While the tech was in my home I also received a call from Chris the owner of Wingate. Ty checked out the furnace and before making any repairs brought me pictures from his inspection and explained what I was looking at. My furnace is original to my condo and it needed a couple of parts to operate efficiently. Ty explained my options clearly and without pressure and then was able to make the repairs during that same visit. He also provided information regarding a program that Wingate offers at a very reasonable cost which will include two visits a year and discounts on service. The program also gives me priority in the scheduling queue. The service visit cost was also reasonable and when it was all said and done my charge for the day was less than $700 which included the service visit as well as the program and the parts and labor involved. I cannot think Wingate enough for the way they run their business. As well their technician Ty Hendricks is to be commended. My furnace was up and running within just a few hours of my quote request. My condo really never had the opportunity to get cold before the furnace had been inspected and repaired. I highly recommend Wingate Heating, Cooling and Plumbing should you require service.
Lynita Davenport
Lynita Davenport
12:15 18 Jan 24
I reached Wingate after several other companies were unable to help us today or even within the next week. One place even told us they weren’t even taking on new customers! The gentleman who answered the phone was positive, upbeat, professional and very helpful. He was able to get a tech out for our issue in about an hour. The service tech was also very pleasant to talk to and clearly explained what was going on and how he could resolve our issue. As a business owner I appreciate the extra effort Wingate puts forth at every step of their process with customers. It truly pays off and I will absolutely recommend them to anyone I need of their services. Thank you!
Kelly Maupin
Kelly Maupin
21:28 12 Jan 24
Wingate is and always been a great company for our family. They installed our heating and cooling system and now our water heater. The Wingate Heating and Air staff is so professional From the first time they have been on time, they call ahead and send an email to let you know who is coming. They have always been and done what they said the job needed. And gentlemen thank you for working late and working until the water heater was running nice hot water. With a baby and a 6 year old in the house They were life saver’s. We will always use Wingate’s Heating and Air. Oh I almost forgot, the prices are great and I am a price shopper. They will be back for more jobs.
Ginnie Canfield
Ginnie Canfield
15:03 06 Jan 24
It was a pleasure working with Wingate Plumbing today. It's never good being without hot water, but Justin arrived right on time as expected, and within 3 hours had the water heater installed and we were back up and running. Our 2 techicians were so polite, professional, kept the work area clean, and treated me like they would their own family. I'm very grateful. And the price was right where I expected it to be.
Karen Riel
Karen Riel
18:19 05 Jan 24


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